Who doesn’t like white teeth? That shining smile and bright appearance of your white teeth can boost your confidence and make you look approachable and friendly. It has resulted in people looking towards dental clinics for teeth cleaning and whitening treatment that can give them a perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening in Kitchener-Waterloo

Over time, your teeth will become a victim of yellowishness and maybe a brown layer. They can also discolour because of age, drinking choices like alcohol, lifestyle choices like smoking. Even though you brush every day, your teeth will remain stained, and their natural glow will not be visible.

Due to these challenges, teeth whitening in Kitchener has now become a popular dental service. It is not a risky procedure and can be done without any hassle. Teeth cleaning will bring back the natural white shine of your teeth and make you a social butterfly with a beautiful smile.

However, there are certain aspects associated with Teeth Whitening in Waterloo. While there are gels, strips, and over-the-counter teeth whiteners, they can never match the shine of a dentist’s visit. They also consist of chemicals that can provide a white look, but it may not last long.

It may also harm your oral health without you ever knowing about it. It is always recommended to find a teeth cleaning and whitening dental clinic near you that can help you give back that shine in your beautiful pair of teeth.

Two popular procedures for Teeth Whitening in a Dental Clinic

There are two different procedures for teeth whitening in Kitchener/Waterloo that can restore your original teeth brightness. The purpose of these procedures is to give you shine without hurting the teeth. Before you undergo a process, the doctor will check whether you are eligible for it or not.

Since the procedures use chemicals like peroxide, every dental clinic would want to check if you are a suitable candidate. These include –

  • You should be at least 16 years of age
  • You should not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You must not be allergic to peroxide
  • You should have good oral health

Please keep in mind that if you have fillings, veneers, or dental crowns, the dentist may not deem you fit for a teeth whitening procedure. If you have already undergone any artificial oral surgery, they might suggest you avoid the teeth whitening procedure altogether.

Once the dentist is satisfied that your teeth can handle the procedure, she will recommend the best option based on your requirement.

Procedures for Teeth Whitening in Kitchener -Waterloo

Here are two primary procedure for teeth cleaning and whitening for the perfect smile –

1. Professional / In-clinic teeth whitening

The most advanced of the two ways is getting the help of a professional teeth whitening dental clinic. The dentist will check your teeth, run the procedure, and you can get white teeth within 60 minutes or so. At Belmont Dental Care, we have a quick and reliable process that can provide shining, white teeth in no time.

  • Professional teeth whitening involves a whitening light and bleach. The bleaching solution consisting of hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth through trays. Once those trays are placed, you will sit facing a teeth-whitening light for 20 min only.
  • The heat will activate oxygen molecules that will penetrate the enamel and start working on lightning the stains. You’ll get whiter teeth than you had before the procedure – all within a matter of an hour or two.
  • This is also known as laser teeth whitening. The light is replaced with a laser to remove the stains from your teeth. It offers immediate results so that you don’t have to wait for a long time before you achieve the perfect smile. Minimal sensitivity as we have Ivory whitening machine.

2. Take-home teeth whitening kit

Another option for having a white pair of teeth is the take-home teeth whitening kit. If you don’t want to visit a dental clinic for Teeth Whitening in Kitchener, then this is your best option.The process starts with the dentist taking impressions of your teeth for whitening. Based on these impressions, the dentist will build custom trays that can properly fit with the provider.

  • A whitening gel is given to you for applying for the custom trays. While store-bought kits are for everyone, these take-home teeth whitening kits are designed based on the mould of each person’s teeth separately.When you place the trays over the teeth and apply the gel, it dissolves in 45 min at home with tray provided. This is when the oxygen enters the enamel and lightens the stain. The procedure is longer than in-clinic teeth whitening. It may take a few weeks for you to see the results.
  • However, if you want to white teeth from the comfort of your home and have the patience to wait for the witness to appear, it is the best option that you can have.They gradually lighten the enamel and also reduce the sensitivity, along with gum irritation. Since the teeth are not exposed to any heavy light, there are fewer chances of irritation.

Cost of the teeth whitening in Kitchener/Waterloo

Both the above procedures cost different. The in-clinic process shows immediate results and thus, costs more than the take-home kit. However, the relative costs for the procedure as compared to dental crowns remain much lower. The in-clinic treatment ranges somewhere between $300 – $500, while the take-home kit may range between $150$ to $250. It isn’t much to pay for a bright and beautiful smile.

White teeth are the primary component in a bright and beautiful smile. Teeth whitening procedures do not hurt the strength of your teeth but restore the glow that you lost. If you maintain them properly, your white teeth can last somewhere between 6 months to 3 years.