Any sort of pain in your teeth, gums, or the surrounding tissues is a signal that you need a dental attention. Ignoring these signs may eventually worsen the condition, making it necessary for you to get an urgent dental care. Emergency dental care does not simply involve the therapeutic care and resolution of the immediate matter (pain, bleeding, chipped or dislodged tooth/cap, etc.), it also includes identifying and treating the root cause to make sure that there is no further damage or decay in your teeth and that they remain healthy and happy for a long time.

It is more likely that people who ignore their dental health develop dental emergencies, but it is also common for someone who has too meticulously cared for their teeth to need an emergency dental care. A dental emergency may be caused by a variety of reasons, including a sports injury, an accident, sudden toothache or pain in the gums, or the loss of dental fillings or crowns. Long-standing teeth or gum issues, if overlooked, may also end up becoming a cause of concern and need urgent attention from a dentist. In case you have suffered a tooth injury, the earlier you come to us, the greater are the chances that we can save the entire tooth and restore your lovely smile. The same goes for any other type of dental emergency. By seeking help at the earliest, you increase the chances of better treatment results in the present and healthier teeth and gums in the future.

We, at Belmont Dental Care, know exactly what it feels like and that is what drives us to provide timely and competent emergency dental care. Irrespective of how and why your teeth are giving you the trouble, if you have any sort of pain, bleeding, damage, decay, and/or swelling, it’s time to look us up! We will ensure that you are attended to urgently and shall put you in touch with our capable and expert dental staff.

Dental treatment is perceived as being painful, tedious, and expensive. The Belmont Dental care is therefore committed to making this experience as smooth and pain-free for you as possible. We proudly wear the laurels of being one of Toronto’s best dental practices and strive to keep up our dedication to uphold the trust of our valued patients.