Cosmetic dentistry is any dental treatment that makes your teeth look better. They focus on enhancing the look, color, size, alignment, and position of your teeth and gums, making your smile shine. Our dental staff is trained to not only provide the best dental care but also to ensure that even the most anxious dental patient is relaxed during the procedures.

Under “Cosmetic dentistry”, we offer:

Dental Crowns

Your smile reflects your inner vibrancy, leaving an impact on the people you meet. Worried about a weak or damaged tooth getting in the way? It’s time to ring us, Belmont Dental Clinic. We can use a “dental crown” (tooth-shaped cap) to help you out with this. Like a crown, it is affixed on top of your damaged/weak tooth with dental cement to restore the tooth strength, shape, size, and appearance.

If you have ever lost a tooth, or know someone who has, you understand the pain and mental trauma involved, especially if the empty tooth space is visible when you smile. Belmont Dental Clinic offers dental service for this too! We use bridges to remedy this. Tiny crowns are attached to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth/teeth; then, the artificial teeth are attached to them. Our dentists will recommend the right kind of bridge for you. Competent dental work and guidance coupled with good patient care will easily tide you before any re-work is needed.
Teeth Whitening

As per the name, this treatment “bleaches” your teeth so that you never have to think twice before flashing your pearly whites. We would want you to get the best results, so we encourage you to ring us up and see what works best for you. We recommend teeth whitening for patients who haven’t had any tooth restoration done and have yellowed (as opposed to gray) teeth. If you want to get your teeth whitened despite restorations and gray teeth, you can drop in for a consultation, and we’ll find the best fit for you.

Your smile needs to be protected, and that’s why we have a service where you can get veneers (thin, beautiful, custom-made jackets) for your teeth. They cover, protect, and beautify your teeth, making your smile even more appealing. These are porcelain shells/laminates attached directly to your teeth and are ideal for people with gaps between adjacent teeth. These can also be used when whitening is ineffective.