Is Root Canal Considered as Oral Surgery?

Everyone wants a perfect smile, for that they schedule appointment with best dentist in Waterloo to get their teeth in shape, whiten them, and properly align them to show off their beautiful curves on the lips. However, when a toothache occurs, most people don’t pay any attention. And those who do, find that they need a root canal.

The procedure for a root canal is often misunderstood by people. There are scary images of scalpels and twisters working inside your mouth, causing you a lot of pain. Such is not the situation. A root canal is not something that damages your original teeth. But it is so feared that most people undergo oral surgery Waterloo to replace their teeth instead of getting their former ones cleaned.

In this article, we will look at what actually is a root canal. We would also discuss the problems that you might face by skipping on the procedure.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a simple oral procedure in which the damaged or infected tissue is removed. The damaged pulp and decay of the teeth are removed by the best dentist in Waterloo in a root canal procedure. It helps in eliminating the gaps that people may face in their teeth. It could also make you feel that your smile is destroyed.

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After the infected pulp and tissue are removed, it is properly cleaned so that no bacteria occurs on the tooth. Once done, the inside of the tooth is filled, and a cap is placed at the top of the tooth. The best thing is that all of the things happen inside the teeth. There’s no need to use external tools like scalpels and shrapnel, to remove any damaged component. It results in causing less pain to you during the procedures.

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Why should you get root canal oral surgery Waterloo?

First of all, don’t fear root canal surgery. Professional dentists or oral surgeon, can easily carry out the procedure without causing you any pain. Since it is internal to the teeth, they want to let you know if something is happening or not. Here are few problems that may drive you to get a root canal surgery in Waterloo.

1. Excruciating pain

If there’s enough formation of pulp and dead tissue, you may feel excruciating pain. At first, you may not be able to identify the reason for it. After the root canal oral surgery is over, you can sleep pain-free at night. The procedure will eliminate all the pain as the teeth are back in their original form now.

2. Tooth extraction

Even the best dentist in Waterloo can treat an infected tooth in two ways – root canal or tooth extraction. The latter is a difficult process as it can leave gaps in the teeth. That will lead you to consider dental implants. It means you have to get your natural teeth removed. Root canal keeps your original teeth while eliminating the pain.

3. Bad appearance

Decay, infection, and dead tissue can destroy the appearance of your teeth – especially if it’s the front teeth. You don’t want people to see how bad your tooth is. The root canal procedure can help you preserve the original tooth with the help of a dental crown. It will enhance the appearance of your teeth and bring back the radiant smile on your face.

The biggest reason to get a root canal done is to maintain your smile without gaps. The alternative procedure, tooth extraction, is extremely risky. But you don’t have to fear the procedure for root canal with oral surgery in Waterloo. A professional dentist can carry out the procedure without you even knowing about the pain.