How Should I Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If you are one of the 90 percent of people who have impacted wisdom teeth, then you might need to go through a procedure for wisdom teeth removal Kitchener. While you may initially ignore the wisdom tooth as it emerges, it causes great pain if left untreated.

When you see a wisdom tooth emerging, you should immediately go to a dental clinic. There are expert dentists in Kitchener who can tell whether you have an erupted or impacted wisdom tooth. If you leave the wisdom teeth unattended, they can lead to infections, cavities, and damage the adjacent teeth.

Wisdom tooth removal takes place when it doesn’t have enough space to erupt. The dentist will recommend the procedure based on the severity of the eruption or impact. But you should not worry about it. You can prepare for the process of wisdom teeth removal Kitchener and save yourself some trouble.

How to prepare for wisdom teeth removal Kitchener?

Preparing for the procedure is really easy. While the dentists in Kitchener will take care of the major part, it would do no harm to be mentally and physically prepared in advance. Here’s what you should know –

1. Set a schedule

This is probably the most significant thing you need to do. Have a schedule because the effects of anaesthesia may take over 24 hours to wear off. After the procedure, it is recommended that you move your mouth and jaws to a limited extent. You should take a day or two off from work for a better recovery. The complete healing process will take 10-14 days, but the initial stage of recuperation is really important.

2. Control your appetite

It is a good practice to avoid eating anything at least 4 to 5 hours before the procedure. You’ll be given medication when you reach the dental clinic to neutralize any effects of food. If you have a heavy stomach, the effect of anaesthesia may increase as it already makes people sleep and dizzy. By avoiding to eat, you will ensure that there are no leftovers stuck in your teeth and the process can be smooth.

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3. Familiarize yourself

Wisdom teeth removal Kitchener is nothing to worry about if you familiarize yourself with the process. It is a simple procedure that only takes an hour or two. The dentist will make a cut in your gum tissue, remove the tooth, clean the cut space, stitch the wound, and place the gauze over the cut. There’s no pain involved as you will be given anaesthesia. Some dentists in Kitchener also offer partial anaesthesia to your teeth so that you can also watch the entire procedure on a screen.

4. Relax and recover

Your recovery should be really relaxing, and that’s why you should eat only soft foods for a while. Soup, Eggs, Fish, Yogurt, and other simple diet options are good for your recovery. Because the wound is still there, any hard food can lead to pain. Take a day off and relax while watching some movies so that your gum has appropriate time to heal.

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Wisdom tooth removal doesn’t do much harm if you are prepared. You can avoid a great deal of pain by taking care of the above things.