5 Important Facts you Must Know About Dental Implants

Whenever you hear of dental implants, the first thing that comes to mind is the pain caused by them. But the best thing – when you get dental implants Kitchener, they are almost similar to your original teeth. Even the best dentist in Kitchener would agree that dental implants are the closest thing to your natural teeth. They offer the proper ability to chew and bite on stuff – just like the teeth you have since birth.

Dental implants can greatly improve your smile. They give a sense of completeness to your jawbone if you have missing teeth. You can visit a dental clinic Kitchener, and get implants to replace your damaged tooth as well. The dentist will customize the teeth such that it matches the jawbone and brings back the shape of your smile.

However, there are several misconceptions related to dental implants. In this article, we aim to eliminate those misconceptions by highlighting some important facts related to dental implants Kitchener.

5 Important facts about dental implants you must know

These facts will provide you clarity about dental implants and what they mean. The best dentist in Kitchener recommends that you clear all your doubts before getting an implant, even for a single tooth. Here are the essential facts you should know –

1. Dental implants are artificial roots

Implants are not similar to porcelain crowns. They are shaped like hardware screws and placed inside the jawbone. The material will naturally stick to the bone and bond perfectly. The dentist can then perform any operation on the missing teeth as the implants are now rooted in the bone. The bone around the implant needs some time to grow before the dentist can do any oral surgery.

2. Dental implants are not risky

Most people have the wrong idea that implants will damage their teeth. You can visit any dental clinic Kitchener, and the dentist will perform the surgery with ease. Thousands of clinicians work upon dental implants every day. The procedure is not complicated, and anyone with a healthy jawbone and crooked tooth are suitable to get an implant.

3. Implant care is easy

You might be worried that if you got implants, you need to be really careful about them. However, caring for your dental implants is much easier than you think. Since they are artificial roots, they cannot form cavities like the original teeth. Once the dental implants are fully healed, you can normally brush and floss your teeth to keep them safe and secure.

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4. Implants protect from bone loss

When a tooth goes missing, there might be a bone loss as well. With the tooth root, the jawbone recedes. It may lead to making your mouth look concave or sunken. It may also lead to wrinkles around the jaw. However, dental implants Kitchener, preserve your jawbone by acting as natural teeth as they are connected with the bone. They prevent the loss of bone, and keep your mouth straight, restoring the beautiful smile on your face.

5. Insurance may cover dental implants

While the procedure for dental implants is simple, the cost might be heavy. However, you don’t have to worry. When you take an insurance cover, check whether you have coverage for cosmetic and oral surgeries or not. Some insurance companies cover the full or partial cost of the implants, making it easier for you to get them when you face crooked teeth. Some dental clinics also offer insurance programs, which patients can pay either in full or in installments.

Dental implants are not scary. There are several myths revolving around implants. However, it is a perfectly safe procedure that can restore the natural look of your mouth. You can visit the best dentist in Kitchener and get done with your implants without much hassle.